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Zebra - the meek zebra costumes from our shop ... as a black and white striped zebra act costume !!! Zebra running figures have a strong expressiveness and are very well received by us. Meek, with a very friendly face and at the same time in nature at home - a zebra as a mascot or in the life-oriented running costume is something very special. Are you planning a creative trade fair or marketing appearance? Is there a special celebration of your club? For these and other events our Zebra as walking act costume is exactly the right thing. At a reasonable price and in high quality you can buy our running costumes. Choose between various carefully designed models - true to nature or rather as a charming mascot. Each zebra walking act costume reflects the zebra's enormous charisma. Cheap, life-size zebra as a running costume is the culmination of all your guests' memories. When you buy you benefit from our high quality and the low price of the Walking Act costumes - see for yourself!

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