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Husky Mascot Costume (High quality)
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Husky Mascot Costume (High quality)

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This costume is made by professional tailors and is therefore making use of very good quality is noticeable for appropriate use.
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A tiger we know probably from the zoo, the movies or trips to Africa. And what we always see the tiger? Power and rugged beauty. And that is exactly the association that we want to connect with a mascot for a company or a sports club. The instinct is the main instrument of the tiger. And these masters the keyboard of persuasion perfectly. And this instinct that costume can then also awaken at your fans, followers, clients or colleagues. The running costume is versatile and enjoys a wide popularity among young and old. Kids like the delicate and love the beauty of the tiger. Adults feel the power and passion. Especially for sports clubs, at fairs or at various meetings of the Tiger is therefore the perfect mascot. This walking act is convincing with a high degree of quality. If you need more information, just click on the desired offer and let us convince you to buy from us low. One risk is not here.

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