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Snake your way through the reptile costume world! You love reptiles and amphibians? And would like mascot costumes? Then take your time to look around in our categories dinosaurs, dragons, exes, frogs and turtles, cobras and snakes or crocodiles and alligator. And if you click on the appropriate category, you can quickly reach the plushy reptiles and amphibians. By clicking on your favorite costume you will receive detailed information about the individual costumes. Here are the following animal figures: - Dinosaur Costume Mascot - Dragon / Dragon Costume Mascot - Exen / Exe Costume Mascot - Frog / Frog Costume Mascot - Turtle / Turtle Costume Mascot - Cobra / Cobra Costume Mascot - Snake Costume Mascot - Crocodile / Crocodile Costume Mascot - Alligator / Alligator Costume Mascot

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