Rabbit costume

Osterhase Lauffigur Kostüm 9 (Hochwertig)
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This cheap rabbit costume (9a) is individually made by professional tailors after an order. The materials are all high quality and have a soft and robust material property. This ensures high durability and a great wearing comfort, which is noticeable with proper treatment on the lifetime. The costume is made according to the CE safety standard & EU...
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Inconspicuous and yet he seems to be the hare will benefit a strange and beautiful meaning. The rabbit is obviously heavily influenced by Easter. Resurrection and rebirth are the key words for this. However, not only to the Easter bunny is important. No nation or any religion in the world has the hare assigned any important position. Whether it's the traditions, myths and religion now. At first you will think: "I need for the Easter". Right. For what running costume could be more appropriate for Easter, as the hare? In our shop you will find various walking acts and this course, you can buy directly. But the hare is also versatile. For example, as a mascot in your company or your sports club. Just click on the costume of your choice and get more information on the nature, quality and price. You will see that the rabbit has a lot more on it to hide the eggs.

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