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Laufkostüm Maus 1a Maskottchen 15 (Werbefigur) Lauffigur Walking Act Produktion Herstellung
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Dieses Kostüm wird nach Europäischen Sicherheitsvorschriften für Plüschspielzeug hergestellt und ist keine billige Kopie aus Fernost. Die professionellen Schneiderinnen stellen dieses in Handarbeit her, daher ist es von sehr hoher Qualität in verarbeiteten und Material. Die sich bei fachgerechter Behandlung bemerkbar macht.
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Turn it into a mouse with our mouse costumes If you choose one of our running costumes from the mouse area, you're not a mouse anymore. The mouse is not only a clever animal, but also incredibly cute. No wonder the mouse walking act is the ultimate achievement. Take advantage of the cheap costumes for your very special moment. Especially promotional events can be loosened by the mouse without any problems. The high quality can be recognized immediately and every mouse can convince you, that's what we stand for with our names. Even with the costume colors you have no limits, just ask us. Thanks to their high quality, our mouse costumes ensure lasting pleasure for the customer. Many companies rely on mice as a mascot and who wants to buy the running costume, should now strike. There are a variety of events, such as fairs, anniversaries or events to which you can wear the mouse running costume. Let the mice dance and buy one of the cheap mascot costumes from our shop. You can be sure that your acquaintances want to appear as a mouse from now on. This walking act succeeds in any case. For more information just click on a mouse picture.

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