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Laufkostüm Maus 1a Maskottchen 15 (Werbefigur) Lauffigur Walking Act Produktion Herstellung
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Dieses Kostüm wird nach Europäischen Sicherheitsvorschriften für Plüschspielzeug hergestellt und ist keine billige Kopie aus Fernost. Die professionellen Schneiderinnen stellen dieses in Handarbeit her, daher ist es von sehr hoher Qualität in verarbeiteten und Material. Die sich bei fachgerechter Behandlung bemerkbar macht.
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In many cartoons mouse eking a nice life. It is usually the smarter, faster and gentler character. And this is just the mouse. For gentleness, humility and curiosity for cunning and skill. She wanders through life and seeks out from behind their food and habitat. As a mascot, the mouse is far less known and stuck because your chances. Because the recognition is through this unique feature given absolutely. You will remember and talk about. Running as a costume suitable for all mouse events, fairs and festivals. Whether you need this now is for your sports club, a youth club or your young company as a walking act no matter - it has the mouse on it. We offer you the best deals and fair prices. Our mouse costumes boast the highest quality and the comfort is really outstanding. Let us convince you and click for more information on one of the running costumes.

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