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How to honor "Nemo" Ever thought of performing in a marine costume? Or just to use such an animal as a mascot? In this category you will find an interesting range of mascots from the animal and marine world. So the "fish mix", dolphins and sharks, penguins and seals and whales. Simply select the desired category and click on the corresponding image. You will get an overview of the range of mascot costumes. And if you have decided on a costume, you will receive further information on the material, the care and Co., if you simply click on the image. We have for you here the following animal figures: - Fish / Fish Costume Mascot - Goldfish / Goldfish Costume Mascot - Lobster Costume Mascot - Seahorses / Seahorse Costume Mascot - Dolphin / Delhpin Costume Mascot - Shark / Shark Costume Mascot - Penguin / Penguin Costume Mascot - Robben / Seal Costume Mascot - Whales / Whale Costume Mascot

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