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Let the tiger out with our mascot costumes ... Looking for a matching running costume? For your running figure? In this category you will find lions, tigers and predators. Just choose one of our five categories: Lions, Tigers, Snow Tigers, Jaguars and Leopards, as well as Lynxes, Panthers and Puma. With a simple click on the appropriate animal category you can directly reach the corresponding costumes. Just choose your favorite costume and click on the corresponding picture. You will already receive detailed information on the material quality, cleaning tips, delivery modalities and other information. We have for you here the following animal figures: - Lion / Lion Costume Mascot - Tiger Costume Mascot - Snow Tiger Costume Mascot - Jaguar / Jaguar Costume Mascot - Leopard / Leopard Costume Mascot - Lynx Costume Mascot - Panther Costume Mascot - Puma / Puma Costume Mascot

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