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Costume Orangutan / Monkey...
This Orang Utan monkey costume 267b is made by professional tailors and is therefore of very good quality that makes itself felt by professional treatment. The ideal Santa Claus advertising character promotion running costume for your next show ..
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Get the jungle into the house ... ... with our high quality jungle and steppe costumes and mascots! You can choose from monkeys, bison / buffalo and zebras, elephants, giraffes and lamas, as well as kangaroos and coyotes. You will also find jackals, rhinos, koalas, camels and hippos as well as scorpions and duckbills in our extensive jungle assortment. Just click on the desired category and find the multi-faceted mascot costumes. By clicking on the corresponding costume you will receive information about the material, the recommended care and much more. We have the following animal figures for you: - Monkey / Monkey Costume Mascot - Bisons / Bison Costume Mascot - Buffalo Costume Mascot - Zebra / Zebra Costume Mascot - Elephant / Elephant Costume Mascot - Giraffe / Giraffe Costume Mascot - Llamas / Lama Costume Mascot - Kangaroos / Kangaroo Costume Mascot - Coyote / Coyote Costume Mascot - Jackal / Jackal Costume Mascot - Rhinoceros / Rhino Costume Mascot - Koala / Koala Costume Mascot - Camel / Camel Costume Mascot - Hippo / Hippopotamus Costume Mascot - Scorpion / Scorpion Costume Mascot - Platypus / Platypus Costume Mascot

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