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Mushroom mascot costume (High quality)
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Mushroom mascot costume (High quality)

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This costume is made by professional tailors and is therefore making use of very good quality is noticeable for appropriate use.
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Fruits & Vegetables Costumes Fruits and vegetables are extremely important in the daily diet. And many people appreciate this also. "You do not play with food" - have said our grandparents. But with food can promote you. And how. Maybe you have restaurant? A small grocery store? Or do you have a stand at some farmers' markets? Use our fruit and vegetable costumes. Because these mascots make it that one remembers them, that they are observed and that will be obtained at you with a recognition. A strawberry mascot is for instance very nice for the sale of strawberries in fields and along the roadside. So-called marriage Catcher them a helping hand and your clientele has also yet fun with the characters. Or how about a running broccoli for your grocery store? The sky is the limit. We are happy to make sure that we make your costume individually. Just contact us for it. Maybe you have already have a logo or would have changed a certain thing. In our store you click through our walking acts and can directly buy. Browse at your leisure we offer and if you find something you like, click on it for more information.

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