Fox costume

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Tricky, and common weasel speedy - he is the fox. In addition, the fox is one of the symbolic animals of the Greek god Dionysus. He was adored by women. And that's why it presents itself in many sports associations and clubs as a mascot. For which club do not want to be sought after and tricky? You will be amazed how your customers and fans will love and accept this mascot. If other clubs with stuffed animals appear, and always with your fox. This walking act impresses with a high recognition and and stands out from the standard of the other running costumes. Quality is of course paramount, and it is not surprising that you can wear with a great comfort this costume very long time. If you like the offer, then click on the individual costumes and you can buy directly from us. Find fair prices, extensive consultations and the quality is unparalleled.

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