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On the farm, the mascots are off ... ... and you can order one of the wonderful animals as a high-quality mascot costume! Whether ducks and swans, donkeys, roosters, turkeys or hens, pigs, cows and bulls, horses or even sheep, goats and rams - all these fascinating animals can be obtained in our Mascottchen24 shop as individual and high-quality mascot costumes. All you have to do is click on the desired category and you'll be on the offer of the multi-faceted mascots. By clicking on the corresponding picture you will get to the detailed information, which will give you information about material quality, care and other information. We have for you here the following animal figures: - Duck / Duck Costume Mascot - Swan / Swan Costume Mascot - Donkey Costume Mascot - Cock Costume Mascot - Truhthahn / Turkeys Costume Mascot - Hen / Hens Costume Mascot - Cows / Cow Costume Mascot - Bulls / Taurus Mascot - Horse / Horse Costume Mascot - Sheep Costume Mascot - Goat / Goat Costume Mascot - Aries Costume Mascot - Pig / Pig Costume Mascot

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