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Category Pets Dog, cat, mouse - not only of the German favorite pets, but also popular mascots and costumes. Pets and the Germans were always important and you cared lovingly for her. If it were one's own dog, the cute cat or mouse, hamster and ferret the children now. Pets are popular symbols and evoke positive associations. Perhaps because of a walking act of this kind is very strategically. Do you have a sports club, a company or a big party? Do you miss it and the proper mascot? Mascots can use all possible and impossible things. And who has hurt happiness? With a mascot to provide the necessary bond by the customer or a fan of the company or association. A recognition is given and this is just now extremely important when it comes to marketing. In the section you will find high-quality pets running figures. Children in particular will love the costumes. Because dogs are indeed the most popular pet in Germany and thus people associate with the dog also a positive thing. Feel free to browse our listings and in the shop. The most beautiful dogs, cats, mice and costumes can be found on the following pages. And if a costume like it, then simply click this and you can buy it pretty cheap. Here you will find the following costumes walking act all high and low: - Dog / Dog (running figures animal mascot costumes walking acts) - Cats / cat (running figures animal mascot costumes walking acts) - Mice / Mouse (running figures animal mascot costumes walking acts) - Rats / Rat (running figures animal mascot costumes walking acts)

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