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Running costumes for 2 people Running costumes for 2 people are alone an optical delight and fun for all visitors, customers and fans. This walking acts are really something special and you just wonder about our funny horses running figures. So here are two people under the same mascot. Especially for equestrian businesses, studs or events throughout the ride, as well as other sporting events is to use a mascot for 2 people. A funny way to present the his business or his event. And you can assume that this will definitely remain a hang in people's minds. A recognition is extremely high and something has just seen rarely, if ever. Running costumes for 2 people just differ in only one respect from other running figures. They are not operated by 2 people. We have a selection of great deals for you. For more information please click on the appropriate costume or contact us. A personalization of walking acts is of course always possible. You will be convinced of the quality and comfort. Because just when two people can be on this venture, should the comfort come first.

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