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Kostüm Zahn Maskottchen (Hochwertig)
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Costume Tooth Mascot (Top Quality)

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This costume is made by professional tailors and is therefore of very good quality which makes itself felt in professional treatment.
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Especially owners of stores today are looking for effective methods to promote their products and services. Directly except billboards and advertising banners and display stands in front of stores, many shopkeepers today send their employees or casual workers in figures before running their businesses and to attract as customers. But not only small shopkeepers rely on this type of advertising to the customers at all in the house is, but also larger companies operating branches. The walking act advertises in this case, either directly in front of our stores or in the pedestrian area or other places for the company directly or their products and services. Particularly in amusement parks walking act comes at the small park visitors loved it and is ever worth a souvenir photo that is shot from the park photographers. With running figures advertise zoos, for example, a running zebra costume that you can run in the costume shop to purchase cheap. The zebra is stellverstretend in this case for all the exotic animals that the zoo has offered a new home and now spend their lives behind glass and in grave equipment, so that the local visitors to see how great and diverse wildlife in the world but . While these animals are real and really actually in Africa or elsewhere in the world still in though small populations live in the wild, the Yeti for many is a mythical creature, although some believe that it is identical to the Tibet bears his or even really exists somewhere - half human, half ape. Due to the mythology that rangt around the Yeti, some companies use a Yeti costume to run in order to promote their products. This may, for example, traveling to the Himalayas, the supposed home of the snow people are. Also to be able to kidnap people in a foreign world magician running figures are used. For example, from cinema operators, when once again a wizard or witch movie starts. Y to Z costume types: Yeti costume Magician Costume Zebra Costume Goat Costume Cigarette costume Dwarf Costume

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