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Many companies are wondering how they can optimize their advertising mix even further. In many industries, the use of unconventional resources is possible, such as the engaging of helpers who stand for a few hours on a parking lot or in the pedestrian zone in a running suit. These figures must be earned run over costume shop in the category DEF low and extremely comfortable for the wearer and effective for the company that such unleashing walking acts to distribute promotional flyers or coupons and event announcements. Such promotional activities in pedestrian areas and parking lots are of course subject to approval by the local authorities, but bring a usually high advertising success with it. Can be used in a dolphin costume running example of an amusement park, where if this walking act within the boundaries of the site of the theme park is staying this action has not been authorized by outside. Very effective, the use of such figures is of course run when the man in the walking act Rack Cards or date releases for the theme park held dolphin show distributed already in the parking lot. This generally results in that the show is well attended and filled to the last seat. This ultimately motivates the employees of the amusement park, which had to practice for the dolphin show long. An elephant running costume, however, for example, come to endorse or promote the idea of ​​a circus or a zoo for use where there is to admire elephants. Also in this case the distribution of flyers or coupons is very effective. Such a walking act is used mostly in advance of the ideas of a circus in public places, such as the Marketplace. The fox walking act buy however many forestry companies and other companies of interest in the great outdoors offer low over costume shop when planning an "open day", to arrive at the maximum number of visitors or for tours of a nature reserve advertising is to be made. D to F costume types: Badger costume Dolphin costume Dinosaur costume Dragon costume Squirrel costume Polar Bear Costume Moose costume Elephant Costume Duck Costume Strawberry Costume Strawberry Costume Donkey Costume Eskimo costume Owl Costume Exes Costume Hawk costume Fau Costume Firefighter costume Fish Costume Bat Costume Fly Costume Toadstool Costume Frankenstein costume Woman costume Ferret costume Frog costume Fox costume

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