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You need a walking act rabbit costume, then you are right! The hare has always been a peaceful animal and even popular as a mascot walking act. So the little rodent is native to the local areas and every now and then you can see him hopping through the meadows. No wonder that many sports clubs & clubs have made the rabbit their mascot and swear by the positive qualities of the cute animal. Anyone who wants to buy a corresponding rabbit running costume now, that is always right for us. Here, cheap prices and high quality meet and the customer is actually still king. With our low cost running costumes, everyone can now start their very own Walking Act. Of course, with the rabbit costumes, you can also look good at Easter, at trade fairs or other events. Your hare walking act appearance with our costumes is guaranteed to be a great success for your customers. Who puts on high quality and a great look and charisma, who can buy any of our costumes without hesitation. By clicking on the appropriate product, every interested party will also be provided with a range of useful information.

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