Beaver costume

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We love beavers. And when an entire country has the beaver as a national symbol, we can not be wrong. The beaver is sweet, hard-working and always on the ball. Canada devotes a whole beaver national feeling. And especially children love the beaver and his protruding teeth. A beaver costume will let your business or your sports club appear more likeable and hardworking. The beavers are called engineers of small wildlife. Through their diligent architecture they contrive to create new habitats for themselves and their friends. A beaver symbolizes above all creativity and perfect focus on his work. For companies and sports clubs is downright install a through ball to the beaver as a mascot. Because you want to awaken all of the mascot thanks to a positive association. And with our matching services you are on the safe side. High quality figures to run all possible and impossible events. Just click on the picture and learn more about our walking acts.

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