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A typical mascot for sports clubs is the bear. Because people love bears, and so it is not surprising that more and more events and clubs using a bear as a symbol. Also all major cities rely on the power of the bear. Why use so many organizations, cities, organizations and companies to bear? He is full of strength and power. He can not be defeated, and he is often regarded as peaceful and grumpy fellow. And so a bear costume has also many advantages. They provide with the running figure that your club has a unique selling point. You benefit from the recognition of a mascot, and orient fans and followers, as well as customers and identify with sympathetic walking acts. Here in the shop you will find many great deals that you can buy now. Just click on the costume that you like. And you can run the costumes then customize your club. Simply pull a jersey over it and give the bear a name and you have a plane of identification for your followers and friends.

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